No connection with Wireless Network.

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Hi everyone my Laptop is not accepting a connection with the wireless network. It is a HP Pavilion G7-1070us – Core i3 2.53 GHz – 17.3″ – 4 GB Ram – 500 GB HDD.

I click to connect, on the connect button of the wireless network but it shows me nothing. Now I am working from a Cybercafe.

My Ethernet pins are broken. I don't know how it happened. I plugged in the cable to ensure that Ethernet is fact free.

My Operating system is Windows 7. I tried to launch manager & device manage but it does nothing.

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No connection with Wireless Network.


For wireless network, you have to install the drivers for the device you are using, rather it is like a plug and play device. However, most require a driver to function. 

After you install the drivers for device, next step is to make the profile for your wireless network.  Each has its own profile and you have to set it, to make any device functional.

Also you have to see the signal quality for the network devices. As most networking devices show blue, green and red lights where green light indicates that your signal strength is full. So check that also.

If the connect button is on the software of the device you purchased, then reinstallation of that software may solve this problem. Check for the IP address that your service provider provided.

IP is located in network connections, under properties of Local area connection.

In your situation it looks like a problem with the IP, so please contact your service provider for that. Most networks use, this is just a sample IP address but you can try it also.

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No connection with Wireless Network.


Windows Wireless Zero Configuration is far better than using wireless software, it is more stable and reliable.
These might be the possible causes of no network connection:

1. A wall has been blocking to receive the wireless fidelity  (wifi) signal.

2. Presence of radio controlled device is near the access point, make sure that it is not behind with this devices.

3. Wireless adapter might be disabled or misconfigured.

4. Check for wireless signal jammer is present in the area to be sure that it might be the cause of the problem.

If this thing can't resolve your problem you might want to consider re-installing the driver.

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