No connection through the PCI 1000MBS adapter

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I have a PCI network card that I upgraded to improve my networking experience but It refuses to function. I have installed the driver but it does not seem to operate. Could there be a problem with the adapter or is there a sort of compatibility issue with this? I want to connect through this card

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No connection through the PCI 1000MBS adapter


Hello Sarah!

Before you go in to conclusion that your hardware is defective let us dissect the causes of this issue one by one. Let’s see what path you are right now.

1.  You mentioned you installed driver and software and still doesn’t work.

2.  Go to My Computer/Computer >>> right click and select “Manage” >>> on the right side look for “Device Manager” select it and all hardware will appear in the main window.

3.  Look for your LAN or network adapters. Right-click again and select “Disable.” After few seconds “Enable” again the device. Wait for few seconds and check the Network Connection Icon in your task bar see if there’s no more “Limited” or “No Connection status.”

4.  If step 3 shows good status, go to Start >>> in the textbox type “cmd”. A new window will pop-up, that’s your MSDOS command prompt. Simply type “ping<space>”.

5.  If it will show you status that it’s pinging we’re all set. Otherwise there’s a problem with your Operating system and needs to be configured also.

6.  On the Control Panel>>> go to Admin >>> Tools >> Services >>> Wired and Wireless must be set on and activated/started.

7.  Right-click in the Internet access Icon in your task bar. Select Open network and sharing. Look for connections, select Ethernet, Properties, and right click for TCP-IP protocol. New window will appear make sure now numbers listed.

If you’ve done the above mentioned steps let’s bring it to another level.

1.  Uninstall software and driver. Restart your computer.

2.  Reinstall the driver and software to make it sure you’ve got a fresh install and everything is back to default settings.

3.  Download any “Registry” file patches or fix that you can download from Microsoft website.

4.  Do all the steps again above. I know it is a pain staking situation but it’s worth it.

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No connection through the PCI 1000MBS adapter


If you are using a dedicated network card instead of the built-in network card in your motherboard, check that the driver installed successfully. Check the system requirements of the network card’s software and make sure your operating system is supported. Also, check if there are other requirements needed to be installed like Microsoft .NET Framework before you can use the network card.

You can check if the network card is in error from the Device Manager. Right-click “My Computer” then select “Properties”. Go to “Hardware” tab then click “Device Manager”. In the “Device Manager” window, see if your network card has a yellow exclamation mark which indicates that the device is disabled. If you don’t see anything under “Network adapters”, next to check is your network cable.

Unplug the network cable from the network port at the back of your CPU then plug it back in. Next, open your web browser and visit a website then try clicking some links to verify if your internet connection is working. If this doesn’t work, check the other end of the cable connected to your router. Unplug the cable from the router then plug it back in.

Check with your web browser again if it is working. If this doesn’t work, try restarting your Wi-Fi router. If the router has a power button, press it to turn it off then unplug it from the power for about ten to twenty seconds (10 – 20 seconds). Press any button on the router to drain any leftover power or to power cycle.

After this, plug the router back to the power and turn it on. When the router is ready, check with your web browser again.

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