How is checking disk helps a computer?

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How is checking disk helps a computer?

I'm using a Windows Crystal XP and its checking the disk. Its been running for 4 hours today and it's not finish yet. It's on the 3rd phase and it's taking too long.

Is it safe to just shutdown the computer while checkdisk is running? When I start to run the checkdisk I clicked on the recovery of bad sectors and fix files automatically and the 3rd phase is when it check the free hard drive space.

How does the check disk helps a computer?

And why should it always do that?

Can someone tell me?

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How is checking disk helps a computer?


1. Check Disk  is a utility that looks for errors on a hard drive,If your computer tells you that it needs to run Check Disk or you receive frequent Blue Screen Data_Kernel_Inpage_Errors, then you definitely need to act otherwise don't need to run the CHKDSK.

2. If u clicked both of the option it will take too much time to complete depending upon the size of your disk.CHKDSK provides information about the corrupted parts of the hard drives. This is a very crucial advantage of using Check Disk as if these parts are not identified by the operating software, then the data within them can be erased forever.

3. CHKDSK should not be used frequently; only when you suspect disk problems, or OS problems,CHKDSK detects and fixes low level errors on your hard disk. Is only necessary to run if you suspect that there are problems on your disk, which can be caused by improper shutdown, power outage, or some other kind of inconsistency.

4. It is enough to launch DEFRAG regularly ,as if there any errors present DEFRAG will not run so you'll know if CHKDSK(or Scandisk) is necessary or not.

5. If you use the /f or /r parameter on a large volume (for example, 70 GB)
or on a volume with a very large number of files (in the millions),
CHKDSK can take a long time to complete.

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How is checking disk helps a computer?



Hello  Gurdave,


Check disk requires time depending of the size of the drive and the file it contain. However, it is not safe to shutdown the computer while check disk is running or the system will develop additional errors. It is recommended to continue and complete check disk.

Check disk on the other hand will scan for and recover lost files and lock bad sectors of your disk to prevent it from being filled with data in the future. The reason why it takes too long is because your drive contains corrupt files and bad sectors / unreadable portions of the drive and it takes the utility to fix them that is depending on the number of errors and the total size of your drive.

Ideally, when check disk takes too long to complete, it means that there are portions of the drive that is hard to read. Just let it finish just to be safe.




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