A new wireless network for my router

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Here's the thing I just moved to my new house and I changed my internet provider and my router doesn't work like usual.

I only can use the internet with cable while I want to make a WiFi network for my house.

Can somebody here tell me what to do step by step how to make a new wireless network? 

Thank you.

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A new wireless network for my router


I would be glad to provide steps on how to set up your wireless network at home. You have to make sure that the modem provided by your ISP is not a modem/router, just a plain modem. Because if it is then you don't need to have a router. One of the things that you need to have is the manual on how to set up your router, if you do not have a copy then you can visited your router's manufacturer website. There are various brands of the router. It is important that before setting up a router, you should have internet connection

Here are the steps on how to set up your router :

  • Unplug your modem from the power outlet to turn it off.
  • If you have a PC that is connected to the modem, you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable connected to the computer and connect it to your router. It should be connected to either the  InternetWLAN , or WAN port ( this is dependent on the kind of router you have ). Router at this point is unplugged.
  • Turn on your modem. Just wait for a few seconds for the modem to connect to the Internet.
  • Plug in your router to the power outlet to turn it on.
  • Wait for the Internet, WLAN , or WAN to be solid green. This would mean your router is successfully connected to the modem.
  • Now it's time to connect your PC to the router for the configuration. The PC should be connected via an Ethernet cable to one of the ports on the router ( normally there are 4 ports in the router that appears to be grouped and that they are not labeled as either Internet, WLAN or WAN).
  • When you turn on your PC, it should connect directly to your router's page. You will be prompted to the  router configuration page, you might be needing a username and password. You can refer to your manual for these information or visit their website.
  • If you are able to log in you need to configure your SSID or network name and WEP/WPA or network security key.
  • For the SSID , there might be a default name provided by your ISP but you can always change this to identify your network since this will appear on the list of networks available when you try to connect wirelessly.
  • WPA/WEP or network key should be set up to secure your network and that nobody can use your wireless network and worst, access your files.
  • You might be required to set up an Administrator password to control you network.
  • Just make sure that you keep a copy of your passwords for you not to have a problem if ever you need to change settings on your router
  • Before you exit make sure to click on SAVE SETTINGS.

And you are now ready to connect wirelessly.


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A new wireless network for my router


Make sure the Modem is connected to the Internet/WWAN port on the wireless router. This is assuming your wireless router retained its settings, therefore you should already have a wireless network profile configured on the wireless route the one that you've been using before you moved. If a LAN (wired) connection from the computer to the wireless router gets you online while a WLAN (wireless) connection to the wireless router doesn't the modem may be connected to one of the LAN ports in your wireless router (usually for home wireless routers there are 4).

In this case, the wireless router is just operating as a switch and it's WLAN capability won't be able to provide internet access.

If a wired connection to the wireless router doesn't give you internet but a wired connection directly to the modem does, then your wireless router isn't communicating directly to the modem. Make sure the username and password of your internet account is reflected in wireless router or the correct static IP address that was provided to you by the ISP(if you have DSL) .

If you have cable internet, make sure your computer's MAC address is cloned/copied on the wireless router so that your modem will be able to provide internet access to it once you connect them.

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