New Motherboard Causes Overheating: Thermal Paste Needed

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I have replaced the motherboard of my desktop computer, after changing the board CPU automatically turns off due to overheating. This computer has a large heat sink and a fan on it. I was not aware of thermal paste and as I have read that thermal paste is necessary to conduct heat away properly.

So, I used thermal paste for it I but paste seems like not much effective for it. But the problem is same here. Should I use any other thermal paste or help me to do something else. What should I do now? Can anyone help me in this regard?

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New Motherboard Causes Overheating: Thermal Paste Needed

Dear Adamsmith,
Please use the following instruction to solve your problem, I hope you will find the solution:
Solution no. 1:
 a) First of all, open the front cover of your CPU.
 b) Turn it on and check the processor fan is working properly.
 c) Then restart the CPU. Go to BIOS.
 d) Then go to CPU Health Status menu. Here is a option that indicates your fan speed. If your processor fan speed is less than 1800 RPM. Than change it immediately.
Solution no. 2:
If your fan speed is more than 1800 RPM, then check the fan is properly installed on the motherboard. Check the heat sinker. Most overheating problems caused by the improper installation of the processor fan. Check the clips that help the fan to attached with the processor. If you use the thermal paste than check it properly that it is properly pasted. Check the power cable of the fan properly installed on the motherboard. If these are okay, then go to the next solution.
Solution no. 3:
Go into the BIOS and check the CPU temps to see if it's in a normal operating range. Usually there's a set temperature that your computer will beep away warning you that there's a problem. Then check the CPU fan control option. It may be turned on. Disable it. Please do not afraid. These will not do any harm to your CPU.
Solution no. 4:
If all of the above are okay, than check if there is any more place to install another fan in the CPU. It is sure that there is a way to set up another fan in the CPU. Please buy a good fan and set up in it. Check it is working properly.
Solution no. 5:
If all the of above solution are checked properly and you have still have the problem than clean the dusts around the CPU and inside the CPU. Clean properly and check that your graphics card fan is working properly, the power unit fan is working properly.
Solution no. 6:
If the above solutions are okay, I think your motherboard have some problem. Please contact with the service provider. Change your motherboard please. Otherwise you will face always with some problems in it. Your hyper-threading technology of the motherboard is not working properly. So try to change your motherboard.
I'm sure that you will find your problem solved by following the above solutions.
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New Motherboard Causes Overheating: Thermal Paste Needed


The best solution for your problem will be to replace your power supply, it will help you to maintain your motherboard. Because It's due to reason that the new motherboard you bought is consuming more power then it requirements and that's the fault of Power supply. If you don't want to change the power supply then you can change the speed of your PC fan to make it cool it will reduce the heat producing and in a result your PC will not shutdown automatically. But this is the serious problem you are facing because you have changed your Motherboard and it can cause damage to new board. So be carefully while doing this it may harm you board and it become unavailable for a long time.

The second solution is that use your PC on a low power  consumption mode it can be done by reducing the amount of task's play at one time and by reducing the video use. But it is still impossible because you need it. So you can change the power supply. This is the best solution I think.

Steafen hood.

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New Motherboard Causes Overheating: Thermal Paste Needed


Hi good day… this issue due to not proper install of CPU fan or the CPU fan is weak. To resolve this kind of issue, check the proper installation of your CPU fan or Replace your old CPU Fan and change new CPU Fan.

Name of CPU FAN to be used:




 FAN SPEED: 2200 + 10% RPM


Follow the fist Post of Pradip kumar he have a Good Suggestion.

Thank you, hope its help



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