New Motherboard Resulted to Restarting

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I bought a new motherboard and I need to connect the old hard drive into it because all of my file were there and I need to finish all my task on time. The windows started normally suddenly a beep was heard and the system showed options like "Start Windows Normally" Safe mode etc., I selected everything but it just repeat and repeat. What will i do?

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New Motherboard Resulted to Restarting


When installing new motherboard, you should be able to run your computer normally right after. You'll get fresh Operating System in your old computer

If motherboard has high specification then you should experienced faster computer performance. All software driver should be loaded to make your computer run perfectly. Driver for RAM, LAN and other software needed for installation of new motherboard.

However, after installing it and you'll encounter some problem then their is something wrong with it. Based on what you posted, you'll hear a beep sound. A beep sounds on a computer has a meaning and it means something is wrong.

You'll need to identify what how the beep sound, if it's short, long, etc… Take note also how many times it beeps before it stops.

Beep Code Descriptions

short  failure DRAM refresh
short  failure Parity circuit
short  failure Base 64K RAM
short  failure System timer
short  Process failure
short  Keyboard controller Gate A20 error
short  error on Virtual mode exception
short  failure Display memory Read/Write test
short  failure ROM BIOS checksum
short  error on CMOS shutdown Read/Write
short  Cache Memory error
long,  3 short Conventional/Extended memory
long,  8 short Display/Retrace test failed

By knowing what kind of error your computer gets, you'll need to identify how the beep sounds is.

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New Motherboard Resulted to Restarting


Hi Techdee,

When buying the motherboard, did you check its for compatibility? I suspect that it may be having compatibility problems with the general specs of your system. (Specs may include things like whether the system is supposed to a Pentium IV, AMD athlon processor, intel and so forth).

Otherwise just go back to the basics, check how you have done the cabling, ensure that you have not interchanged the cable for instance using the processor cable for the fan, the hard drive fan for the DVD drive and so forth.
Check the memory slots specs for the new motherboard. Does it support the same memory as the one you have just disposed, because if they differ then problems can occur.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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