How to enable AGP from built in motherboard

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I have a intel gbf 865  motherboard which have built in graphic card. Previously I used different graphic card in this motherboard, that is damage anyway. So now I would like to use the built in. But my monitor display nothing. How I going to enable this from my motherboard?


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How to enable AGP from built in motherboard


Dear Rehman,

Built in AGP cards are never disabled, or you can say there is no option for disabling them in Mother Boards CMOS . If you use a separate AGP card in AGP slot, then Motherboard automatically selects the display card (Buit-in or Separate AGP or PCI Express etc) to which the data cable of the Monitor is plugged.

Look, if your monitor is not yielding display when you plug the cable of your monitor in Built-in one, then there are many possibilities of problems. Try the following solutions:

1. Change the monitor, there might be a malfunction in it.

2. Check that the processor chip is rightly inserted in the socket.

3. Or you might have to buy a new Graphic card, because your built-in one might also have damaged.



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How to enable AGP from built in motherboard


Check for any BIOS settings if you are just getting black screen in this case also check your monitor and your Motherboard. If you are getting some output like a blinking line or some thing like this then it mean that your video card is working fine but there is some problem in your windows then you need to check that also.

If you are getting problem in your VGA card then you need to check it on another computer and make sure that it is working fine on the other computer. If it is working fine on the other computer then make sure that your motherboard supports the card you are trying to use. Also check for the quality of the card and make sure that you are full filling all the requirements for your new card. 

At last check that your card is properly configured in the slots where it is required and also try it on another slot to make sure that your Motherboard slots are working fine.


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How to enable AGP from built in motherboard


Back in the early days, a motherboard doesn’t come with a video card. It has to be purchased separately. But modern motherboards nowadays have built-in video cards. Normally, when you use a dedicated video card and you want to shift back to the built-in one, in cases when the dedicated video card is broken, the video port for the integrated video card should work automatically.

But if your monitor doesn’t display anything and remains black, this can happen if the dedicated video card is still connected to your motherboard. The onboard video card will not work until the dedicated video card is removed from your CPU.

This is normal because the BIOS thinks that you are still using the dedicated video card because the device is still inserted in the slot and BIOS can still detect it. Removing the damaged dedicated video card from the slot will make the BIOS to stop detecting it which then enables the onboard video card for use.

If you want to use an AGP video card, verify that it is enabled in the BIOS. In my old Dell computer, the AGP slot can be enabled and disabled in the BIOS.

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