New methods for interacting with computers?

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Although Command Line interface and Graphical User Interface were the dominant methods for human-computer interaction, recently other newer methods are emerging.

What are the best available alternatives for the traditional keyboard nowadays?


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New methods for interacting with computers?


Computer technologies have covered the world we live in. They have produced modify and go on to create modify. This is obvious not only on our desktops and in our hands, but in almost all aspects of our lives, in our communities and in the wider civilization.

In March 2007, Microsoft Research organized the ‘HCI 2020' meeting at the El Bulli Hacienda Hotel near Seville, Spain. The term individual Computer Interaction refers to the considerate and proposes of similar associations among community and computers.

The meeting brings mutually some of the world's important thinkers on this theme. The hope was that their negotiations, debates and academic commentaries would help identify how HCI can transport this ‘human face' of computing. The occasion made it clear that we need a more widespread set of lenses, tools and methods that put human values Centre point.

And we need to believe together optimistic and unenthusiastic aspects.

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New methods for interacting with computers?


Dear Minty nicky,

You want to about future interaction method with computer. Here is some information for your answer.

Computer technology is developing day by day. Recent day we get many new inventions in computer technology. Parallel with the up gradation of technology the method of interaction with computer also upgraded. There are several methods of interaction with computer such as mouse and keyboard.

We already get update version of mouse and keyboard such as wireless mouse and keyboard.

Now question is what will be in future? Different people think different methods.

Some scientists want to develop a technique by which human can control computer by eye direction. Another group of scientists are trying to find a technique, by which human brain will control directly without using any equipment. It will be a sensor based technology. Beside these there are many thoughts are analyzing to upgrade the system for the interaction with the computer in future.

I think you will happy to get my answer.

Thank you.

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New methods for interacting with computers?


These are the alternatives for traditional keyboard now a days.

Swype definitely the best known, it popularized a technique of mobile text entry that is really harmony to the fingers of any disreputably slow phone typist. Instead of using your thumbs or the index finger hunt and peck method, this application invents again text entry in total, allowing users drag their fingers through the letters that spell a word.


SwiftKey depends on predictive text, the ideas that come up above the keyboard as user type in a word. SwiftKey whips predictive text to an eerie level of accurateness by taking conversational patterns into consideration, not just the other letters user have typed.

The Kines is line of ergonomic computer keyboards is a substitute to the customary keyboard design. Most commonly known among these are the contoured Advantage line, which feature buried keys in two bucket, like hollow that let the fingers to contact keys with minimum effort and a central array of modifiers.


It does not brag the ultra polished look of the other app, but do not start thinking it is a slump. Actually, swiping around on Slide IT most of the times considered swifter and quicker to respond than it is more renowned matching part did. If you are no admirer of traditional text, this slide to type application can be a right communication disclosure.

 Better Keyboard

This application possibly the best looking of the group and does accurately what it claims to and makes your known typing experience even better. This keyboard is one of the most quick to respond in the group, so user will be able to type just as he already has been, only faster. If a user has strong feelings about color schemes, he will be delighted with improved visual skinning customization options of Keyboard, which can download through the settings menu.

Voice Actions

Built by Google, the vigorous set of voice commands can execute actions and record written speech of user. In any text entry field, repress the button on the bottom of the phone that seems like a magnifying glass. This should prompt a Voice Search menu to come up. Then talk clearly, and watch the words emerge, frequently with amazing accuracy.

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