“Software error occurred in MIG software. Status Code: -229665.”

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Hi experts,

I installed 2 PCI-6225 using NI-DAQmx drivers V. 8.5.0f5 in one PC and received the following error message:

"Software error occurred in MIG software. Status Code: -229665."

The error occurs when I set my application in the Windows Startup folder (Start > Programs > Startup) and at startup the application runs automatically. It runs well when I stop the application and restart it manually. 

Then I reinstalled the Measurement Studio for VS2005 and the DAQmx drivers but couldn’t resolve the problem. One of the most important things is that when the system starts up I am able to running this application automatically.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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“Software error occurred in MIG software. Status Code: -229665.”


Dear Ruth Powel,

According to the error message you are getting "Software error occurred in MIG software. Status Code: -229665." This error may happen when you try to load your tasks before they are initialized. What about trying to upgrade to a newer version of the DAQmx program, this may solve the problem. If you are unwilling to upgrade it, a workaround of your problem that may solve it, is to add a 60 second delay pause after the system startup. This should work and restarting the program when the system is already running should be of no problem now.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck.

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