New home chat we can use to communicate with other

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What is LG's Home Chat? What are the features does it have? How beneficial using it? What are the system requirements? Is it compatible using it with Android and iPhones? Is it a freeware? What are the best features of this chat application? What are the languages available with this application? Can I only used it with LG products? Or other manufacturers were also thinking of following this creative application? Isn’t it a monopoly drive of LG?

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New home chat we can use to communicate with other


Hello Martha!

LG Electronics HomeChat is only available for LG Smart Home appliances and other devices. It uses NLP or Natural Language Processing that is readable and clearly human language. Using the LG HomeChat you can freely communicate to LG Smart Appliances. You can ask the vacuum cleaner when’s the last time it cleaned and it will reply giving out the date and time and the pattern it did in cleaning. You can see and interact with the microwave oven by looking in to the recommended recipe. You can check the inventory in the refrigerator by sending message, the refrigerator will then respond to you like human stating all inventories. You can also check the status of the washing machine on what cycle it is right now and what the status of the laundry is. These is the best feature of LG HomeChat. You will never feel that you’re working and talking with appliances, you’ll feel that you’re not alone at home. For me it is not a monopoly, it just so happen that LG was the first manufacturer to launch HomeChat and smart appliances. There are lots of possibilities that other manufacturer will follow their initiative with smart appliances and embedded software with it.

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