New AMD FreeSunc just got out of the market

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I want to know more about AMD's FreeSync. What is AMD Freesync technology? What are its best features? How beneficial to use it? What Do you mean by display port adaptive sync? How much is it in the market? What are the specifications of this? What are the platforms and devices supported by this technology? Is it low cost but dependable hardware? Or it will only give me few amount of changes with the performance of the devices? Can you provide me in-depth information about this? Thank you!

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New AMD FreeSunc just got out of the market



AMD is one of the best graphics hardware manufacturer and it has invented FreeSync with super performance.

During gameplay, somewhere in a game, the graphics quality goes bad. Sometimes, the screen goes messed; sometimes, choppy gameplay and broken frames make the gaming experience worse. But using AMD’s FreeSync technology, this troubles is at end.

FreeSync provides with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate. It corrects the frame rate of the GPU with the monitor. V-Sync can’t solve such issue that frame rate can’t keep pace with monitor’s frame rate, causing jumbled gameplay and such thing is so irritating. This technology smartly controls the update rate of a compatible monitor to give the peak performance and smooth gaming.

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New AMD FreeSunc just got out of the market


FreeSync or Radeon FreeSync is the brand name for an adaptive synchronization technology developed by AMD for LCD displays that support a dynamic refresh rate designed at decreasing stuttering and tearing caused by misalignment with content’s frame rate. It was first announced in 2014 to compete against NVIDIA’s proprietary G-Sync. FreeSync is free to use, royalty-free, and has no performance penalty.

The Radeon FreeSync technology is an AMD attempt to leverage industry standards like DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync to provide dynamic refresh rates. The dynamic refresh rates synchronize the refresh rate of a compatible monitor with the frame rate of a user’s Radeon graphics to maximally decrease input latency and lessen or completely remove stuttering, juddering, or tearing during video playback and gaming.

To get the list of monitors supported by FreeSync, go to Radeon FreeSync Supported Monitors.

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