Regarding dedicated server bandwidth and CPU usage

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Hi there!

I have a question regarding dedicated server bandwidth and CPU usage.

I just want to know if using just a percentage of the CPU, say 50%, could slow down the CPU’s performance?

I hope you can answer my question.

Thank you.

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Regarding dedicated server bandwidth and CPU usage


Hello Stefano

You can make use of the rest 50 % of your CPU speed if you can manage to keep its temperature below optimum. If CPU overheats its maximum speed will decrease temporarily. This is done so that it can cool off and prevent any damage. This will reduce the amount of CPU speed available.

There are lot of methods to cool your CPU.

  • As it is a server you can install a cooling system instead of just a fan.
  • Increase the number of fans in your whole computer.
  • Install a new faster fan
  • Apply thermal paste on the processor
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Regarding dedicated server bandwidth and CPU usage



Hello stefano, as i read your question i have some explanation and i hope it will help you to answer your problem. If you are talking about the CPU usage at the taskbar it means that its a monitoring of system in software application running on pc and also in your taks bar. The percenatage of CPU usage indicating the processor capacity currently use by the system and this are the software application running on your PC desktop or laptop. And if you are asking if this is possible to cause the cpu performance slow i will tell you the truth yes it is when you reach the max of the cpu sometimes it cause slow the process of software  application and also lag and you need to restart it. I advice to avoid opening multiple software application especially in GAMES because it use a heavy percentage when it comes to CPU usage. 

I hope it will answer and solve your problem.

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