Network error occurred while using Microsoft Visio Viewer

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I installed Microsoft Office Visio Viewer 2007 from the Microsoft website.  However, when I was using it to open a Visio file, an error was displayed saying that a network error occurred and cannot find the visioviewer.msi in the Program Files folder. 

I may have missed a step or something because when I looked into the Program Files folder the said file cannot be found. 

Where can I find this MSI file? 

I found a link which was supposedly a Microsoft website but the said page cannot anymore be found. 

Please help since I need the viewer badly.

See screenshot of error message below:

Microsoft Office Visio Viewer 2007

A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:Program FilesMSECachevviewervisioviewer.msi

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Network error occurred while using Microsoft Visio Viewer



Did you do and upgrade or is this a new install?

There are possible causes for this and possible answers. 

A lot has been experiencing the same problem only with a different file name.

Look for the file name visioviewer.msi on your folder.  Just follow the path: go to drive C:>>Program Files>>MSECache>>vviewer>>look for file name visioviewer.msi
Make sure that the file exists in that folder. No duplicate like visioviewer(1).msi and visioviewer.msi..

If you have visioviewer(1).msi, rename it to visioviewer.msi.

Now, if you are still experiencing this issue.  Another solution which has solved more than 50% of these cases would be to COMPLETELY UNINSTALL the program.  If you have windows XP, click START>>CONTROL PANEL>>ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS>>CHANGE OR REMOVE PROGRAMS>>look for visioviewer>>click CHANGE/REMOVE.
Restart your computer.
Reinstall Visioviewer.

Tell me if this helps or not. 🙂

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