Network configuration error when i disconnect the ethernet

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Hello everyone,

I want to configure my network device WLS-9163. I want the configuration to be set with both wired and wireless options. I completed this setup successfully and both are linked to the local network. After the successful completion of the setup, when I disconnect the Ethernet connection, an error window pops up on the screen which displays the network configuration error. The screenshot is attached below:

What does this error number mean?

Any idea related to the issue will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes


Network Configuration Error
Network Configuration Error
Possible Reason(s):
Measurements: Connection to the network device has timed out. The network device did not respond 
Properly for a period of time. If timeouts persist, contact your system administrator.
Device: NI WLS-9215: "WLS-139BCF2"
Property: TCPIP. Wireless IP
Corresponding Value:
Corresponding Value: WLS-139BCF2
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Network configuration error when i disconnect the ethernet


Please follow the instruction to fix the error.

1. Connect your network device to a computer which is configured for DHCP.

2. Add the device to MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer).

DHCP + Link Local

3. Configure the devices Static IP address in MAX.

Note: please record the information for future use.

Obtain IP Address Through Static

4. Save the settings. A message will prompt that the device might become unreachable.

5. Then connect the MAX to the device which in Static IP Address. The error will pop up.

Network Configuration error

6. Delete the device to MAX.

7. Turn off device power and close MAX.

8. After 10 seconds connect power to the device.

9. Run max then adds the device.

10. Restart your PC.

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