Query regarding LAN, Internet and Intranet

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Can someone please explain what is a Local Area Network, an Internet and an Intranet? What are the differences between the three and please cite some other important points to remember. Thanks.

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Query regarding LAN, Internet and Intranet


LAN means local area network and it interconnects your computers in small or so as to say limited areas like homes, office buildings and schools. They have very high data transfer rates and are confined to small areas as compared to WAN( wide area networks)

Internet : When large number of computers are interconnected I mean globally , we call it an internet.They use Protocols like TCP/IP to help billions of users worldwide.Internet has enabled instant messaging, social networking, online shopping. Nowadays all/ most business use internet facility.

Intranet : It safely and securely shares information. when several computer networks which share information are connected in a local area we call it a Intranet. Internet is wide spread globally whereas Intranet is computer network within a small limited area.

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Query regarding LAN, Internet and Intranet


A LAN or Local Area Network is a group of computers and linked devices that share a common communication method either wireless or line that is linked or connected to a server. It basically includes computers and peripherals connected to a server within a certain or distinct area like for example a commercial establishment or an office.

A LAN connection is used by mobile devices and computers for sharing resources like network storage or printer. To enable LAN connections, Wi-Fi and Ethernet are the two primary methods. The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks. It is occasionally called “the Net”. It is a network of networks where users of one computer can obtain information from any other computer if they have permission.

The internet was conceived in 1969 by ARPA or the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States government and it was originally known as the ARPANet. The original objective was to construct a network that would permit users of a research computer from one university to communicate or “talk to” research computers on other universities.

An intranet, on the other hand, is a private network contained within an enterprise. It may consist of several interlinked LANs and also utilize leased lines in WAN or the Wide Area Network.

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