Network Address Translation (NAT) and Internet Explorer 6 Problem

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Hello there…

I need help in figuring out Network Address Translation (NAT) and Internet Explorer 6.

I have been looking for answers everywhere but I can’t seem to find them and I am hoping you could help me.

Anyway, here is my situation. I have two Windows 2008 servers, Server 1 and Server 2. I have enabled both Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 4. They’re set to static addresses and respectively.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer 6 is set to fd00::1 and 2. The thing is, I suddenly could not find Server 2 and I found out that NETBIOS is disabled.

I need to know if it still can recognize Server 2 just by typing it. I tried locating Server 2 through Server 1 but I just kept getting the response “IPv6 fe80%12”.

I also encountered the response “fe80” even if the NETBIOS is set to default.

I have been trying to figure this out by reading a book and it said that with this kind of problem, I should be receiving a message indicating that the ping request could not find the host, which I do not receive at all.

I hope you can help me with my dilemma.

Thank you….

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Network Address Translation (NAT) and Internet Explorer 6 Problem


Hello Norbert,

First, I think the problem is being caused as a result of the NETBIOS being disabled and therefore you should figure out a way to enable it first.

I will suggest that you try using the system BIOS settings to try and enable the NETBIOS and see if you can successfully ping a request from one server to another,

Also try using dynamic addresses in the browsers instead of the static and see if it will work that way. Set the proxies in the browsers in that they are automatically set, and not manually.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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Network Address Translation (NAT) and Internet Explorer 6 Problem

Dear your issue is not complicated its very simple. Due to some policy variations these errors occur and you can’t get your server.
Please do as follows to solve the issue.
1. Go to My Computer Properties.
2. Click on the Hardware tab.
3. Now click the Device Manager tab.
4. Now in the menu bar of Device Manger click on View and when the drop down list opens click on Show Hidden Devices.
5. Now in the hardware panel expand the Non-Plug and Play Drivers.
6. Now look for NETBIOS over TCPIP and go to its properties and then click on Drivers tab.
7. Now select the mode as Automatic and click on Start as shown in the image.
Once your NETBIOS over TCPIP is set to automatic you will be able to get your server 2 as well. And yet if you receive any error from the explorer then just reset your Explorers as there is no other issue that could cause these errors.

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