Clarification regarding my CPU usage

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I have a question regarding my CPU usage. I am planning to build a computer that is suitable for gaming and I would need Intel i3-2120 and a frequency of 3.3GHz. At the moment, I already have Intel i3 M330 and a frequency of 2.13GHz. Whenever I use it, my Task Manager indicates that my CPU usage is around 60-70%.

My question is should I be able to build a gaming PC with Intel i3-2120, would my CPU usage still be around 60-70%?

My laptop also integrates graphics allowing the graphics to be discrete. I was wondering if this also affects the CPU usage.

I hope you can help me with this concern.
Thank you.

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Clarification regarding my CPU usage


Hi Margot,

This high CPU usage normally happens only when playing games. If you get this much usage while doing light tasks this is a sign your processor is getting wearied out. Or the problem could be just that the processor is overheating. This could be caused by CPU fan not working at its optimum speed. Or dust collected in the heat sink may be blocking air flow resulting in poor ventilation. You have to see whether it is alright before installing the new processor or else this might make the computer run slow or worse, it will shorten its lifespan.

Remove the heat sink and clean out the dust. Use CPU monitoring software that came with your motherboard to monitor the CPU temperature and fan speed. Apply thermal paste when installing the new CPU, this will help reduce overheating

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