Need a versions of Linux OS that operates like Windows OS

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I’ve been a user of Toshiba Satellite laptop for three years now. Since it has difficulties in its hard drive and I can’t even find any copy of its Windows OS, I’ve changed my laptop back into Linux OS.

I want it to plug into the TV to watch any .avid and drag any files like what I always do when it was still a Windows computer. Now, please help me find any particular Linux’s adopt versions so that I can enjoy every feature that a Linux should have. Thanks for your help.

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Need a versions of Linux OS that operates like Windows OS


Hi Clara,

I suggest to return to Windows OS. Why? Your laptop is compatible on it, was designed to run on Windows OS only. If you have a problems on the hard drive then you can always ask to the manufacturer on that problems. This is the main problem using Linux OS, it only support few hardware in the market comparing to windows that will run almost type of hardware. Please check your hardware if it is compatible to Linux before you install it in your computer.

Although Linux will run but not all the hardware feature will run, it's gonna hard time to find the 3rd party software  on the internet for this. Last option is to search Linux OS on the internet if there's 3rd party software available that could run for Satellite laptop. Linux is an open source it's free so if you have a extra time then you can search it to the internet for the 3rd party software unlike windows which you just click update and it automatically installs the new updates.



Toney Stevenson

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