Need suggestions to buy gaming softwares

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Hi All,

I have 8 year old son and he likes computer games so much, especially related to Adventures, Racing, etc. Instead of going out for playing games, I would like to buy and install amazing games on my Apple desktop. But, I have no idea about the games. So, I would like to take suggestions from you all.

I am looking for games of type adventures/Educational which will be fun playing at the same time worth buying. Please suggest something. Thanking you so much in advance!

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Need suggestions to buy gaming softwares


There are thousand of adventure games for 8 year olds, but you must pick those that are non-violent. A lot of games have violent themes structured inside them, but by filtering by age and needs, i have picked up 5 games that will entertain your child and also make him learn a couple of things:

1. Happy Street : in this game you can build a village that will populate itself with many lovable characters. You can watch them walk and buy things from your stores, and then make their own clothes, level them up, and also interact with them. It's a very nice game that will teach children the importance of social activities.

2. Rail Maze : an educational puzzle. This will force your child to think faster enjoy the benefit of helping a little train reaching it's destination by rearranging the tracks in a limited amount of time.

3. Doodle Fit : all that you have to do in this game is to fit the blocks on the given shape. You must drag the shapes into position so that it will fill the whole layout. It will get more and more engaging the more your child will play.

4. Terraria : this game will teach your child about survival in the wilderness. It will show him how to build a fire, how to cut wood, and how to build shelters on a floating island the full of monsters and dangers. With over 200 crafting recipes, the player can build swords, houses, armor and even traps for hunting wild animals for food.

5. Plants vs. Zombies : a completely child friendly game in which the main objective is to defend your house from the approaching zombies by planting super plants that will shoot, defend, and capture zombies in order to keep them away from your house, and their garden.

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