Need picture background DataGrid vb6

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The BackColor property just connects with the grounding of the unit region-the unused region around that (if units don't fill the control) appears to default to Bind Face. 

Is there any manner to set this straightforwardly?

I should set picture background datagrid vb6 then again make the unused territory transparent to the form/container beneath it? 

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Need picture background DataGrid vb6


Hi Jabez!

  1. Select Project and then Components, and add the DataGrid to your VB project.
  2. Select Microsoft DataGrid Control 6.0 (OLEDB) from the list of components and click OK to save and close the screen.
  3. The DataGrid will be in your toolbox.
  4. Select the DataGrid control from the toolbox, and drop it onto your VB form. the DataGrid will look similar to a database table or an excel spreadsheet.
  5. You can set the properties for how you want the control to look now.
  6. Now change the background color of the DataGrid when the user clicks on it by coding,
  • "DataGrid1.BackColor= vbNewColor" in the "DataGrid1_Click()"

Now you change the text color of the DataGrid by coding,

  • "DAtaGRid1.ForeColor = vbNewColor" in the "DataGrid1_RowColChange()"

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