Need information about Platform as a service.

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I know that the cloud computing services provide platform as a service. But I don't understand how this model can create consumer software using tools and how it manage servers and storage. Please let me know anyone because I want to create a software using this model. Thanks

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Need information about Platform as a service.


Hello Kelly,

Before beginning the explanation about the platform as a service (PaaS), I want you to know that is not the only issue in cloud computing, there is also Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Those 3 things work together especially PaaS and SaaS which are embedded in the concept of Cloud computing. So what is PaaS and SaaS?

Saas is software delivered as a service. It is executed on platforms provided by SaaS’s operators such as Google or Salesforce which are like the telecoms operator.

Saas uses:

  – RIA;

  – Works with dedicated and optimized architectures;

  – It provides API to allow executing functions.

PaaS uses:

  – Datacenters;

  – Hyper visor or runtime such as Java…

  – Database via HTTP;

  – API to exchange upbraiding with enterprise;

  – A console to manage applications and monitoring the platform.

PS: I recommend you this software just to get used with cloud computing: OwnCloud

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Need information about Platform as a service.


The consumer creates software by the tools and other equipment from the provider. The provider in turn provides the servers, networks and the other services that help in deploying software. The consumer also controls the arrangements of the settings and the installation in the form of software deployment and configuration settings. One of the full development “Platform as a service” characteristics, Web – based user – interface creation tool gives a level of support and assistance to help ease the creation of user – interface. Creation tools might pave the way for interfaces to be defined for separate user profiles by either expertise or through function.

The types of Platform as a service that can help you are; add – on development facilities and Open platform as a service amongst others. Add – on development facility often demand Platform as a service developer and their users to procure subscriptions to the co-resident Software as a service application. The Open platform as a service does not adhere to hosting as such; it provides open source software that enables a Platform as a service provider to run applications. It also allows the developer to use any programming language, server, database, operating system to deploy applications. It is easy to use, it very simple, it has integrated with other web services and databases. Most of the benefits of the whole thing is its cost saving, increased adaptability and shorted application delivery.

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Need information about Platform as a service.


PaaS or Platform as a Service is a process of hiring hardware, OS, storage and network capacity through the Internet. It lets the clients to hire virtual servers and allied services for running current applications or improving and analyzing new applications. PaaS is an extension of Software as a Service (SaaS). It is a software distro model that held the software applications for the clients through the internet. 

PaaS is a verified model for launching applications without the trouble of upholding the hardware and software infrastructure of a business. Companies, no matter how big or small it is, implements PaaS solutions such as because it's easiness, accessibility and consistency. It gives you the joy of having the latest features without needing to upgrade it.

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