Is there a magnaram 97 like for Windows 7?

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This Lenovo laptop Windows 7 of mine is kind of slow in processing stuffs and I'm kind of bit annoyed with it. Now, I've remembered that when I'm still using a 95 OS, the magnaram 97 provides me a faster processing. So is there a magnaram 97 like software for Windows 7? Thanks!

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Is there a magnaram 97 like for Windows 7?



Yes there is a magnaram 97 and functions as follows. Since magnaram is a windows compression utility, it is also included in the QEMM 97. Effectively it inserts itself in a string of windows that determines what pieces of ram will go to the hard disk whereby written information will go to the magnaram's own buffer which is  faster process.

In this case whenever a Ram buffer becomes full it  the information is swapped to the hard disk after compression  thus increasing space.

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