Need help in school project using Google SketchUp

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I am using Google Sketchup to create 3D objects. 

However, I encountered this error message, see below. It was the first time I saw this message and couldn’t decipher it. 

I am at the dead end so please, please help. 

I need to finish a school project. 


Uttermost Unexpected Patchwork


2 material(s) with:

             * wrong format texture

            ** Uttermost Unexpected Breeze | extension .Pdf

            ** Uttermost Arabesque Patchwork | extension .Pdf

19 light(s)

11387 reflective face(s)

89 omni(s)

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Need help in school project using Google SketchUp


Hi Charlesdy,

1. Convert before Using Vector Graphic Formats PDF and EPS. In SkecthUp, using materials with extensions (or file types) .Pdf (Portable Document Format) and .Amps' (Encapsulated PostScript) will result in errors like the ones you have now. 

If you can still get hold of your originals, convert them first too .JPG or .JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), .GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) or .Png (Portable Network Graphics).

Then replace all PDF or EPS materials in your project with their converted equivalents.

Try for online conversion from PDF to JPG format.


2. Purge. Another step in correcting problem materials in your model is to purge unused materials. In Windows, open your SketchUp Material Browser > In Model icon > Arrow icon > Purge Unused. In Mac, pull down List > Purge Unused. 

This makes your model simpler to handle and make complications smaller.

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