Need help Adobe Captivate Error

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I have installed Adobe Captivate on my Windows 7 Operating System but an error shows up trying to capture a high density display. I have attached an error image so please help me resolving this problem as soon as possible. Your cooperation would be really appreciated.

Adobe Captivate

Capture is disallowed since High-density display was detected. Please set ‘DpiAwareness = 1’in AdobeCaptivate.ini and restart the application. 

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Need help Adobe Captivate Error


It seems your current screen resolution is set way above the limit allowed by Adobe Captivate. The supported screen resolution for Adobe Captivate is 1024 x 768 which is the minimum and the recommended screen size is 1280 x 1024 pixels in 16-bit. Check if your screen resolution is anywhere between.

To check or change your screen resolution, click Start, Control Panel, “Appearance and Themes”, and then select Display. Select Settings tab. On the left, check what is displayed under the slider. To adjust your screen resolution, move the slider either left or right.

If your screen resolution is set within the limits, check if it is in High Color or True Color. High color is 16-bit while true color is 32-bit. If your screen resolution is set to use the true color or 32-bit, try shifting to high color or 16-bit which what is indicated in the system requirements.

If this doesn’t work, try following what was instructed in the dialog box by editing the AdobeCaptivate.ini file. First, make sure Adobe Captivate is not running or close it if it is running. To edit the file, go to “C:Program Files (x86)Adobe” using the Windows Explorer then look for AdobeCaptivate.ini. Open the INI file using Notepad.

In the INI file, look for “DpiAwareness” and set its current value to 1. After this, restart Adobe Captivate and see if it works.

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