Need help about Adobe Photoshop

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I'm trying to learn Photoshop and I've come across this file types. I know some, however I am not familiar with what to save with and when to save to. If someone can give me a brief description, I would gladly appreciate it.

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Need help about Adobe Photoshop



Hi there,

PSD – its a Photoshop line information which can outlet layers, masks, alpha channels, and opposite effects before determining on what the ultimate yield gift be. This eliminate it promiscuous for you to change your files if necessary, without having to start from slit.

JPEG – is one of the educatee enter formats utilized, it is mostly shut images. And supports from 8bit to 24bit colors. Its one of the most standard images you see on websites because it usually has a tiny enter size spell retentive the picture character.

GIF – are images which uses semisolid distort or 8 bit / 256 emblem. This enter info is suited to pictures which are mostly based on shapes suchlike the honest, polygon and specified. It is also the most widely victimised enlivened image file on the net.

There are new icon line formats out there which are misused by the indiscriminate overt. Also these line formats cater to predestinate situations, so egest certain you select the finest formatting you leave be needing when protection pictures.

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