Scrapbook Factory deluxe 5: Not enough memory Error

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I just purchased Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 5.0 and want to install it on my computer. I run it and when the installation process is almost finished an error message pops up saying that I don’t have enough memory.

My operating system is Windows Vista and I have 8 GB of RAM. I checked my hard drive but it has a lot of free spaces still. How do I deal with this issue? Please help me.

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Scrapbook Factory deluxe 5: Not enough memory Error



Scrapbook Factory De Luxe 5.0 needs 4 GB. How many bit does your computer have, I mean the processor? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Try to check by clicking Start> right click "computer> click properties and under system you can view what type of processor you have.

Anyway both are compatible to Scrapbook Factory De luxe, but for windows Vista, it is recommended to use 64- bit so that it can handle lots of program. I mean it can respond quickly. To Identify if your processor can handle 64 bits do the following. 

1. Start.

2. Control panel- in the search box type Performance Information and tools.

3. List of results> Performance Information and tools click > view print details > system type.

You won't see system bit capable if you are already running 64 bit version.

Nod 32 anti-virus 4 will also blocked downloading, What anti virus are you using? Sometimes anti virus cause memory leak also.

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