Need Detailed All In One Computers PROS And CONS

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I am considering buying a computer but am very confused about how to start searching for the best one. I have heard about all in one computers but I do not know how do they weigh against desktops. That is why I need detailed all in one computers pros and cons.

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Need Detailed All In One Computers PROS And CONS


Here you go:

Pros of an all in one computer:

1. Easy to transport: The obvious advantage is that you can carry it around, on your trips or elsewhere.

2. Touch screen options. Some models are now equipped with touch screen, which is very easy to use.

3. It requires very less storage space

4. Style. They look very cool and stylish

Cons of an all in one computer:

1. Upgradability. You can only upgrade the memory and hard drive, not the motherboard/processor, etc.

2. Heat. It heats up very fast if you try to run anything other than basic daily tasks. Thus, no high-end games for this one!

3. All-In-One issues: There are no temporary solutions in case of a breakdown. You need to send the whole computer back to get it repaired.  

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