MySQL Error Code 2013 while Connecting to Database

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Hello experts,

I have trouble connecting to the database and I am facing this problem after I installed several software such as mail server and also after I enabled my IIS on my Windows 7 OS. I have reinstalled IIS and as well as WAMP server but no luck at all. After I installed it back, It displays an error MySQL Error, Code is 2013 while connecting to database.

What causes this error? Do I need to replace my server? MySQL version is 5.0.18. or is this something to do with conflict in ports? I just don’t have the knowledge to overcome this problem.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you


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MySQL Error Code 2013 while Connecting to Database



When Windows fails to start, you should fix the problem from both your hardware and software front. You must insert the installation disc of your windows and try to restart your computer and go to the settings, click next to repair it or if not may be you have done something wrong on your computer. It could have happened, because you installed software like Daemon tools in your machine. Remove all your hardware and unplug your system.

Check if there is a device that is causing the problem or errors. If not, reinstall Windows from your hard disk, just make sure to backup all important files or data before you format your machine.

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MySQL Error Code 2013 while Connecting to Database



Just simply try this one if it work you need to do is general troubleshooting to see if we can identify the error and then to resolve the problem to your unit and then you can boot the safe mode within the network and use the disk or maybe the safe mode where required from your unit and then try to skip the any step from the require booting from the normal mode and then now try to reply the result and then it is there an change to your software and hardware if is not try this one System Restore to a point in the time before you began the problem.

After that make sure that all the box is check just simply try this if its work to the software and the hardware to your computer.


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MySQL Error Code 2013 while Connecting to Database


Hi Bryan,

Now that you are using a mail server on your computer and at the same time you are using WAMP, I bet there should be a conflict of ports, since in most cases both of them use port 80.

So you could just try changing the port of one of them and see if that is going to contain the situation. Alter the ports for say the WAMP server to something like 8080 and maintain 80 for the mail server, if indeed it is using 80. Restart both of them for changes to take effect.

Hope this helps.

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