MySQL Database For Storing Records

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Can I use MySQL to store all the contents in the database? Is it easy to perform MySQL commands, and what are the other benefits of using MySQL? How can I make MySQL secure against attackers and keep my data safe?

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MySQL Database For Storing Records


Yes, as MySQL is one of the easiest ways to store records in the database which can be accessed any time when needed. MYSQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) which is based on Structured Query Language (SQL). MySQL is pretty easy to master in as it is easy to learn and not at all complicated compared to other database software like Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

MySQL can run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc. MySQL commands are the simplest there are various operations which can be performed with the help of these commands such as:

  • Selecting one or many records.
  • you can delete one or many records.
  • You can find a particular record based on any detail such as name, email id, etc.
  • You can join two tables.
  • You can drop a table.
  • You can alter a table.
  • Proving unique constraints such as primary key, the foreign key which will be needed to uniquely identify each record.
  • Renaming table.

And many other operations can be performed on the database. There are several benefits of using MySQL,  like data security, high performance, complete workflow control, On-demand scalability, reduced total cost of ownership, and many more.

There are several ways of keeping MySQL database secure; the best way is to secure the hardware and use the internal system socket. Encrypt the data and then store it in the database, this is one of the easiest and secure ways. Once the data is hashed, no one other than the organization will know what the actual data is.

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