My web application does not deploy

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Whenever I try to run my web application on my website, I always get an error that it failed to deploy the application. I am using the following to develop the web application eclipselink 1.1.3, jsf 2.0, glassfish 2.1.1, and netbeans 6.9.1. But it is still not working. Other projects that use the same web tools are working just fine. I am getting this error whenever the application is deployed:

"n-place deployment at C:Documents and SettingsUser1My DocumentsNetBeansProjectsFinalTatabuildweb deploy?config=file%3A%2FC%3A%2FDOCUME%7E1%2FUser1%2FLOCALS%7E1%2FTemp%2Fcontext4692094477750603228.xml &path=/http://localhost:8081/manager/deploy?config=file%3A%2FC%3A%2FDOCUME%7E1%2FUser1%2FLOCALS%7E1%2FTemp%2Fcontext4692094477750603228.xml &path=/C:Documents and SettingsUser1My DocumentsNetBeansProjectsFinalTatanbprojectbuild-impl.xml:700: The module has not been deployed."

Now, I have no idea what is causing this error. I am really not sure of what to do right now. Any help would be great.

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My web application does not deploy



The underemployment problem you're facing is a common problem in building site using java method. Reading the description of your problem, I would like to say that you have some of these things:

  1. Server connection failure;
  2. Wrong port taken.

According to the description of the error, when you try to deploy the site, the connection made to the server is taken wrong, which made a displacement value and string in the localhost server. It eventually corrupted the build-impl.xml:700 file.

What you have to do is:

  1. Re-configure your localhost server, make sure the port is available, also works well.
  2. Some values you've entered using NetBeans are wrong. Evaluate it, even the tiniest thing you're not interested in. Make sure the class and the values are right.
  3. Then try to re-connect to the server again.

I hope this can help. Forgive me if my explanation can't help you.

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