Mouse auto-clicker software make my mouse auto-click

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My little brother accidentally installed a mouse auto clicker software on my laptop. He thought it was a game and install it. Now I can't control my mouse. It's auto-clicking whenever I point it and it makes my laptop open many applications unintentionally and I'm having trouble with this. I tried to uninstall it but I my mouse is auto clicking and I can't control it. I also try unplugging the mouse and use the cursor pad in my laptop but it doesn't work. What will I do?

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Mouse auto-clicker software make my mouse auto-click


Usually it would take a simple “Uninstall a Program” but since you can't control the mouse– you might want to try clearing all AutoClick entries from the registry:

  • You can start by ending all processes by opening the Task Manager. (CTRL+ALT+DEL).

  • If you were able to do it, you can try (I know it would take effort but at least you can try) going to the Start Menu> Run then type regedit and then click Ok to open the Registry Editor.

  • I believe you will find all entries related to AutoClick under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Delete them all.

  • Don’t forget to reboot your PC.

If you can't even make it past step 3 with the mouse you can't control, I suggest you try to get a copy of an uninstall tool like the Revo Uninstaller. If the Uninstaller can find the unwanted program from your system – you definitely now have the option to remove AutoClick once and for all.

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