Error Code 39 on my Windows Vista

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I am using a brand new Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium OS. My DVD drive has stopped reading anything. So I checked in file manager, where it is showing two parts.

In the DM it tells me that Windows can’t load the device driver for this device. Driver may be corrupted or missing (error code 39). Anyone knows the reason for this ?
The laptop is not even a month old. I have searched a lot for this on Google but failed to find any solution yet.
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Error Code 39 on my Windows Vista


CD/DVD are the least engineered parts of a system and experts thinks that these are the least usage parts now a days. If your DND/CD is giving a problem then in file manager, it will show a yellow sign along with the error code, as it did in your case.

Look for your model in the download area and download the latest drivers for the DVD and any new updates. Also make sure that you are using the disks that have been burned with the same speed, as your DVD is rated.

Also there can be a solution by going into the registry and delete upped and lower filters. If you find a yellow sign then, there is a problem with upper and lower filters. You can resolve this by following the steps below:

1. Go to RUN option.

2. Type Regedit and press Enter.

3. Open the following folder:


System > Current Control Set > Control > Class

4. {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and go to upper and lower filters and delete both.

Shutdown and restart your machine. Go into safe mode and remove all instances of the DVD drive and reboot to Windows. Windows should reinstall your drivers

The last option which I will suggest to you is, contact your device manufacturer and ask for help. They will definitely resolve your issue or simply claim your warranty for your device and replace your DVD with a new and good one.

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