My touchscreen isn’t accurate anymore with my Galaxy S5

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I would like to ask on how to resolve this issue. I am having difficulties in using my phone. I tried to find some answers in the internet but I don’t understand their instructions can you provide me on how to resolve the issue in my screen? Sometimes the touch screen will work, sometimes I have to press and tap the screen multiple times just to make it work. Can you provide me options on how to resolve this issue? Can you provide me also alternative ways to resolve this?

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My touchscreen isn’t accurate anymore with my Galaxy S5

This is a common issue in many instances, which may also result in slow responsiveness, freezing & crashing the device.
So, please try following these strategies,
  • Restart the device (since a refreshing reboot has the capability to fix certain system issues)
  • Check for system updates and install them if available
  • Install the critical software updates regularly
  • Identify & remove the applications with issues and those which are no longer used
If all the attempts prove useless, it is advisable to reset the default factory settings so that the device is freed from any processes related to the issue.
Furthermore it might be that there is an issue with the hardware or the touch pad. So, try contacting for technical assistance.
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