My pendrive is not functioning properly.

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I have 4 GB pendrive. I made this bootable for setting up linux os. But after making it bootable I am trying to format it but I couldn't. So, I can not use my pendrive. Please show me the way to format it. thank you.

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My pendrive is not functioning properly.


Hi you using a windows operating system?

If yes then this is what you should do.

The first thing that you need to do is Access your command window, you could do this by following this steps.

1. Click on Start

2. Type cmd on the search portionand press enter.  The command window will now pop up.

From the command line, all you needed is to run this command

format/q/x d:

this is assuming the your usb drive is detected as d: drive, which you can check when you go to your my computer.  just replace the d: with whatever drive your computer has assigned your usb drive.  After this you need to format your usb drive to a specific file system.  The common file system of most usb drives is still fat32.

From your command prompt again type this command:  format d:/fs:fat32

this is again assuming that your usb drive is detected as d:. otherwise replace it with the correct drive as assigned by windows on my computer.

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My pendrive is not functioning properly.


Hello Sujona,

You can still format your pen drive and use it as usual, unless when you were making it bootable you made it read only, an option that may make the pen drive refuse to be formatted. But if you made the pen drive rewritable then you should be able to format it successfully.

If formatting it in windows does not work, then try formatting using Linux. While still in Linux, you can try deleting the setup files manually by locating the media disk under the file manager.

You can also try deleting the files using a software called UNLOCKER in windows, which helps to forcefully delete files that are refusing to be deleted.


Lee Hung

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