Is it very important to keep computer in AC room??

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i have heard that computer may at risk if we keep it in normal room's having no air conditioning system.

I want to know how much important is it??? Or is it really harmful for PC to keep in a non-Air conditioning room.

And if we keep it in a n air-conditioning room then what is the preferable temperature for the machine to work properly.

Another thing is that what kind of problem can occur if Air-conditioning is not available or not given to the machine.

I own my own PC but it is always kept in normal condition not in air conditioning system… so its really necessary for me to know how much risk is in there for my PC.

I hope some one will answer me quickly to help me out. My PC may at risk as the room temperature is always close to 300  C so i want some quick answer from you.

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Is it very important to keep computer in AC room??


Well Buddy.

Keep your machine in a non-AC room, will not make any damage to your computer. But there will be a issue on the subject durability. Durability is too low when you keep it in a normal environment when compared to keep it on an AC room. Because when you keep it in normal environment the major problem you encounter is the dust. Having dust in the environment is much less in AC rooms.

If you keep your machine in a normal room, have a habit to clean it every month. if not, dust will cover most important parts of the machine and it will lead into critical problem some day. So preventive maintenance is much more important than active maintenance. Dust can cause much more problems than you ever thought, by not allowing components to cool properly, then causing the heat. That's why I'm telling this is a issue on durability, reducing the components lifetime, short circuiting components and cause corrosion to components to lead with improper connections between components.


So follow these general steps when you clean the PC.

  • Have the correct necessary tools on hand. .
  • Disconnect the PC from main power source.
  • Take the PC into a suitable place – good ventilation
  • Connect the ESD (Electrostatic discharger)
  • Dissemble your PC

    • use appropriate tool
    • Do not rough and force on components
    • Keep the components with other nuts, bolts…etc in order
  • Clean the components – use soft brush and PC vacuum cleaner or a cotton swab

    •  Boards
    • Connectors and contacts
    • Power supply
    • Chassis and fans
    • Keyboard and mouse
    • Display

Reassemble the components properly.

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Is it very important to keep computer in AC room??


Did you check your CPU temperature? If you think that your machine is overheating have a habit to monitor your processor temperature.

There are many tools that could use for this task. Sometimes it may come from your motherboard also.

Also you can check the temperature in each of your computer components also. For example the Hard disk, where the thermal sensors included with a temperature measure.

This is important thing, because many electronic components could damage by excessive high temperature.

Another way is looking your computers BIOS.

To do this when you boot your computer press F2. There may be a line that telling press something to go into setup. So it could be F1 or F10 also. So when the BIOS screen appear look for the tab something like Hardware Monitors. It may be PC health in some machines. Then you will find the temperature there. Every processor defined what should be their maximum temperature. So try to keep them minimum than that.

However this is not effective because when you run BIOS, your computer does nothing but running a simple BIOS screen. There for, it not generating a heat even as you normally running windows.

Well there are 3 symptoms that you can see when the machine got hot.

  • Become slow
  • Restart often
  • Randomly turn off

Hope you are not experienced these stuff yet. So make preventive actions.

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