My PC is getting slow down what is the matter of it?

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What is the main problem of my PC, because whenever I used my PC its really slow to process in every single window I opened?

And what is the perfect way in order to prevent this?

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My PC is getting slow down what is the matter of it?



Every PC has its own capacity to process. Check the memory of your PC if it’s in low memory then you must delete some.  
You must regularly update the software, make sure to empty all the cache files and regularly clean their registry. Even your PC is 4 year old already it can be in good condition when you are always checking the maintenance of it.  

For the cleaning of your PC you must have Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation and usually it takes a few hours for this to fish but that’s worth waiting for.

If you don’t have this you can install it from the internet. This is important tool for the entire PC to check the system under Computer Management and its System Performance.

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My PC is getting slow down what is the matter of it?


Watsup koka, your problem is easy to solve. The main problem your pc may be experiencing is lack of enough system space either in the RAM or the hard disk.

Your computer may also have been infected with a virus or malware, or even having too many programs hence causing it to be slow. If the computer has been infected with a virus or malware, here are the steps you need to take immediately;

Ensure your anti-virus is up to date by checking the last update definitions which are usually in the icon tray at the bottom right of the computer.

Scan your computer for malware and clean any viruses found.

After cleaning the viruses, you need to restart your computer and start running programs to see whether the issue is solved.

Your computer may not have improved after trying out this option or may have a problem with the memory and have little memory. In the case of the hard disk or system memory, you need to follow these steps;

Go to start -> My computer and right-click on the local disk icon.

Select the option freeing disk space in the window and clean unnecessary files;

Once you select disk cleanup, you can be able to free as much space as possible in the drive;

Another option would be of upgrading the RAM memory of the computer by replacing the RAM with

 a higher one. You can also clean up the recycle bin since it may be the cause of the problem. Check the virtual memory and also increase it for optimal performance;

After doing all that, restart your computer and run programs. The problem should be solved.


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