Do you need to increase computer speed?

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Do you think it is necessary to continue to increase the speed of the computer?

Can you think for example in which the speed is more desirable?

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Do you need to increase computer speed?


For each job, depending on the speed of your computer's speed. So if your computer is very fast, then you will be working in a fast time. The reason I think the speed of your computer with many useful. It may be that it is not a useful thing, but in reality it is more useful.

  • To Increase the speed of your computer :
  • Hard drive with more space to be used.
  • Must be Disk Defragment once a week.
  • RAM size will be larger.
  • Delete unwanted files and uninstall unused software.
  • Processor cooling fan is running to be sure.
  • Advanced anti-virus to be used.


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Do you need to increase computer speed?


Hello Smith,

Yes, it is a continuing need because we increase our day-to-day computer needs. The very moment a new high speed computer is been introduced, more and more bandwidth, memory consuming programs and OSs are introduced or on the verge of introducing. 
Every task now a day's will speed up along with the time it takes to open programs. It will also enable running more programs to run simultaneously without slowing down. 
Games will continue to be more advanced and require better, faster computers to play PC games at.  
Simply everything related to the high speed computer will speed up.
So it is obviously a clear fact that people need to continue increasing the power, performance and speed of their machines.


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