My network connection does not work

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What should I do when my network connection does not work while I have checked no e-mail received from network administrator. I also checked IP settings,  the data cable as well as the modem provided by network provider. Please provide me the solution as early as possible.

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My network connection does not work


hello shrifsig

This problem you are facing is not as big as you think.  If your connection remains the same and if you did not change any of settings from your network connection, it must be alright.

1. Check your local Internet connection which you used. May be the connection limit timed out from your connection.

2. You may also check your control panel> Network>Internet Connection. And see if your connection will place at your connection name. Make sure your PC will work from home to the Internet connection. Like below image

3. If you have Windows7 then, follow this instruction Go control panel>>Network and Internet>>click view network and shares. Then observe your connection. You will get an email when you have available connection.

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My network connection does not work


When network connection is not working, then there are a number of possible reasons and it also has a number of possible solutions. Let's take a good look at the different scenarios.

Network connection – You possible have networking installed. A Hub, Router, Switch or anything uses networking connection.

For Hub – A simple Reboot of modem/router is needed. This ensures modem-hub are communicating properly.

For Switch – A modem reset is required, call your ISP to do it for you. Or you can do reset the modem at the back by using a pen or a paper clip. But this steps might change the settings of the modem if your ISP uses PPPOE settings. so, better call them for this.

For Router – When using router, there are 2 ways to connect to the Internet. There's Wired connection and wireless. Which network connection you're using?

For Wired – Check LAN cable from modem to router to computer. These cords should all tightly plugged in. Check the status of the Local Area Network, the status should say either network or connected. IP Address should start with 192.168… depending on what IP address of the router.

For Wireless – Check the network SSID, the status should say connected. In the system tray, look for wireless icon and click it. It should give you the list of Wireless network detected and your network should be part of the list. Highlight your network and click it, this should require a network key when connecting if it's secured.

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