Pinging request time out problem in XP

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Hello Experts, 

I have a problem with LAN network. I am not able to connect to other workstations on my LAN network.

All things was going well until yesterday when my system having windows XP crashed.

It displays pinging request time out every time I tries to ping other PC's on the network.

I'm in a great trouble please help me out.

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Pinging request time out problem in XP



There are many problem can be behind this.

First, please check the device to whom you are sending ping request, is this device or computer is on and working properly.

Then come to the next end, check the HUB or router that is connecting your computer with others, is this working well?

If you have internet connected so please type this command in MS DOS.

> ping

If the problem is same then your computer have crashed and IP addresses are out of order. Make them in order and try to restart all devices.


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Pinging request time out problem in XP


Hi Good day!!

Thanks for your question. You solution is given below

1. The workstation's MacTCP or Open Transport software may not be configured correctly. Check the MacTCP or TCP/IP configuration file to be sure a unique IP address has been assigned to the workstation

2.Check if the problem is with one user or everyone on the network. If the problem exists only with one user, it's likely that the IP address of that workstation is incorrect. If the entire network can't get to a particular service, it is likely that the service is down.

  • If the above steps do not solve the problem, try the following:
  • Select the Network icon on the Control Panel and look at the selected icons. If Local Talk/Built-in is selected, select Either Talk instead.
  • If the problem persists after checking the network settings, do a quick test to see if the cable is at fault. Borrow a cable that you know is good from another node. Plug it in and see if the node works. If it does, you now know you need to permanently replace the cable. 


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