Could not move mouse pointer

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While working in my PC suddenly my mouse pointer stopped working, what can I do now?

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Could not move mouse pointer


Often mouse pointer is struck when using computer. It creates many problem.  We cannot work faster when creates this kind of problem. It is caused by many problem. If your PC has slow RAM then it could be happened.

When you give extra pressure to your PC then it happens. Giving extra pressure do your PC slow. It can also happen for your processor. Because of slow processor that contains slow L2 cache and low clock speed and low number of threads.

Sometimes it happens because of viruses. Install a anti-virus. You should also change your PC's RAM and Processor so that you can do your work faster.

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Could not move mouse pointer

You can restart your PC as you can trace the cause of the problem. Either the battery of the mouse is old and needs replacement or it could be another problem. You can think of the mouse emulator which emulates the movement of the mouse and click via the keyboard.
This will let you control the movements of the mouse pointer using the keyboard.
Run the mouse emulator program and it will display for you the numbers that can help you move the cursor pointer on your screen.
This can be activated by placing these keys on your keyboard: Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK.
In the numlock keypad 8 is mouse-up, 4 mouse-left, 6 mouse-right and 5 mouse down. Numpad Keys 1,2 and 3 double up as Left-Click, Right-Click and Scroll-Click. Numpad 7 and 9 are used to scroll up and down.
I hope this will help you.
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Could not move mouse pointer


Dear Diego,

     Your problem is in your mouse, the following reasons may occur:

1. Your system is too much heavy that makes your mouse hang

2. Your mouse pad is not clean, make sure to clean it up so that your mouse pointer will move.

3. Your mouse was undetected by your computer system.

4. And lastly, your mouse is temporarily out of connection or already damage.

How to Fix?

1. Delete some files that are not important and uninstall all the software that are not also important.

2. Check your mouse pad and also your mouse, to find out where is the problem.

3. Go to your device manager, and check if the mouse was properly detected.

4. And lastly, you have to send the mouse to the technician to check what is really the problem. 

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