Software tool to recover data of Toshiba hdd.

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I have a 500gb hdd of my toshiba laptop. But now my laptop is broken. Does anyone here has a tool to recover my files from hdd?

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Software tool to recover data of Toshiba hdd.


If the hard disk is still working, you can remove it from your broken laptop. And then check if the hard drive is either an IDE or a SATA drive. The IDE drive has two rows of pins while the SATA has two flat connectors. You can connect your hard drive to a desktop PC with some correct cables since they both used a 3.5" SATA. Buy an external USB enclosure for your hard drive. I recommend NexStar External 2.5" HDD Enclosure. And then install the IDE or SATA drive on the enclosure. Connect it with a working PC. This way you can access the files on your hard drive. Just simply go to the following path to access it:

For Win XP:

C:Documents and SettingsUser Account

For Vista and Win 7:

C:UsersUser Account

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Software tool to recover data of Toshiba hdd.

Hello Bilu,
There is still hope in recovering the data from your old laptop's hard drive.
You can take out the hard drive from the laptop and enclose it in a USB casing and plug it in your desktop to retrieve the data.
If the data is already unreadable by your computer. You can use a software to recover it.
One popular recovery software is Icare Data Recovery.
The instructions are pretty straight forward.
Just download the software, install it and run it then follow the onscreen instructions to recover your data.

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