My mouse pointer is acting weird.

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It happened yesterday after I played Assassins Creed. It was working fine when I was playing the game. But after I closed the game, my mouse pointer goes the opposite direction I direct it to. For example if I want it to go to the right edge of my screen it goes to the opposite, the left edge. What possibly could the problem be?

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My mouse pointer is acting weird.



Hi Virginia,
 Here are the possible reasons and simple task that you may apply to help keep your computer mouse to function normally again.
1.The mouse wire may have loosened and is not plugged in properly.
>Switch off your computer and connect  the wire properly then turn-on your computer again and check.
2.Mouse is dirty or not clean.A moisture or a particle of dust may block the optimal sensor which can alter the reading.
>Clean your computer mouse once in awhile in a proper way by reading a manual that comes with the package.
3.Bad surface. Mouse pad may also be dirty or worn out that can also affect the optimal sensor.
>To check if the surface is the problem,use a piece of a paper or a new mouse pad.
4.Battery of the mouse may be dead.This applies if you are using a wireless computer mouse.
>Check and replace the battery with a new one.
If you still experience the same problem then try connecting the mouse to another computer and check or replace it with a new one.


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