My Modem is not working now.

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I am using OS XP (SP2). My modem was working well. Suddenly a screen appears which tells that Windows can not detect the USB Modem. What the problem?

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My Modem is not working now.


USB modem do not work for different reasons. If you are using it for the first time then you might have to install a certain type of software in your pc to use the modem. some USB connections are trouble some. Try different pods. Do not use any other USB connections which sometimes cause this types of problem.

Most important thing is check that if the modem is ok. Faulty modems are not unusual. So be sure about that. You can try in different pc to check if your pc has got any problem with that. If these do not work then you might have to consult your provider for fixing this up. Hoping for the best. thanks.

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My Modem is not working now.



Windows XP Service Pack 2 computer cannot detect USB modem is caused by either by physical connection or the USB modem software driver is missing.

These are the possible problem of computer suddenly cannot detect the USB modem device attached to it.

  • Turn off your Computer.
  • Check the USB modem in the USB slot. Make sure that it is plugged in connected.
  • Turn on your computer, if still there's no USB device detected, try the these next steps.
  • Shut your computer down.
  • Unplugged the USB modem out, try different USB ports.
  • Re-start your computer and if still not detected.
  • Update the USB modem driver.
  1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound.
  2. Under Devices and Printers, look for Device Manager.
  3. Scroll down and look for USB modem.
  4. Right click and update the driver.
  • Once driver installed, computer should detect the USB modem.

If everything fails, contact your USB modem manufacturer. We might have bad USB modem device.

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My Modem is not working now.


Dear Mahbub Hasan,

When I was using the same modem with you, I also encountered the same problem, when the modem will suddenly don't detect with my computer, and I found out the problem that it cause:

  1. The modem was not properly installed to my computer, so I have to reinstall it and follow the instruction carefuly.
  2. My computer doesn't have a program for modem like that, so I have to download another drive and install it to my computer.
  3. My computer is already full of programs and software, so I delete some of the unnecessary software to give way to the modem.
  4. The LAN connector has a technical problem, so I send my computer to the technician and try to ask help to them to fix the problem.
  5. The modem is defective, so I have to send it again to the provider and ask a replacement. 
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My Modem is not working now.



Dear Mahbub Hassan,

USB (Universal Serial Port) is plug & play port. Plug & play means when we attach any device with this port, it detects automatically and make it run.

Sometimes the files which are necessary to make USB plug & play.

When some of these files become crashed, then this port does not detect any drive.

To solve this problem, remove your flash and attach it after some seconds.

If you see that USB MODEM is still not detecting.

Then restart your computer and run chkdsk command.

This command will check all the files.

This process will remove your problem.

Hope it will help.


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