My microphone is not working at all

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I have a pair of headphone from Genius and my microphone is not working. I don't have a driver for it but I have installed my audio soundcard drivers, plugged in the headphones. I tested it through the wizard from Windows, went through the settings, boosted the microphone and yet nothing. Do you have any ideas why my microphone is not working or what should I do? Any help would be appreciated. I tried on Skype and Yahoo Messenger but the same result. People can not hear me.

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My microphone is not working at all


Hello Jose,

This is a common problem. The solution to it is simple. First, make sure that while connecting your headphones, you are connecting both the WIRES from your headphone to the system. The Black wire should go in the GREEN slot, and the Red/Pink one should go in the Red slot. This red/pink one is the wire which is used for Microphone.

This should make it work. If it doesn't, then its a problem of your headphone, and I would suggest you to take it back to the shop, and ask them to try it out. If it works with them, they will let you know what was wrong, or if the microphone isn't working, then get it exchanged.

I hope this helps you.



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