My Internet Explorer has an Unhandled Exception message

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Hi TechyV Experts,

The issue I have is regarding Internet Explorer. But before that, let me give you a few details regarding my home computer. I am using a Windows XP Home edition operating system on a HP 5850 desktop. The version of my Internet Explorer is 6. And, in the past I have not installed any software that automatically showed this error.

Whenever I open Internet Explorer, an error would appear telling me something about an Unhandled Exception. I do not know what exactly this error implies. And, as a result of it, I cannot open Internet Explorer. I have Mozilla Firefox as a back-up, but I do not want to use if forever.

Please help.

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My Internet Explorer has an Unhandled Exception message


Allow me to discuss the possible causes of the error you encountered. It may either be due to malfunctioning add-on program or due to a corrupted IE. Actually add-on programs are external programs are not commonly created by Microsoft and the worse thing, some of these considered viruses. Thus, often these would perform task which are not supposed to causing your IE not to run, try turning off all add-ons on top of your IE and notice if the problem still exist, otherwise maybe one or more of your add-ons have cause the error and must be removed. Or just download your preferred IE version the install the new one.

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My Internet Explorer has an Unhandled Exception message


Dear Dan Andrews,

First we have to know what an unhandled exception is. This happens when a software messes with the integrity of your system configuration, the system responds by blocking that software. IE unhandled exceptions happen because of corrupt add-ons, popup blocks or toolbars.

Simple fixes:

1. When you encounter an unhandled exception error, try to disable the problem add-on to fix the problem. or…

2. Try resetting Internet Explorer to its default settings.

However in your case you told that you cannot open Internet Explorer anymore. My best advice for you is to download and reinstall the latest version of Internet Explorer (i think the latest one is Internet Explorer 9) or just stick with Mozilla Firefox, stable, light, plenty of technical support and does not have as much bugs and problems like Internet Explorer.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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