Tab Error when Running IE

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I have encountered a problem while using IE.

I think by adding non-Microsoft add-ons in IE.

It caused the browser to stop functioning effectively.

I believed that this is the reason why my browser is crashing and getting this error message,

The tab has been recovered; a problem with this web page causes IE to close and reopen the tab.

This is very irritating because every time I use IE, the error message keeps on popping-up.

I need help on how to fix this issue please. Thank you!

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Tab Error when Running IE


With error message issue with your browsers, you think and always try to do browser history, it depends on what version of I.E you are using where to delete your browser history.

To look what version of your Internet Explorer, just to the last menu of your browser and click it then go to “About internet Explorer”. You will see the version and then try to search the internet how to clear browser history for that particular version.

I know it will help you regarding to the errors that pops up.

Just try to clear history that’s the best thing to do.

Hope it helps.

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Tab Error when Running IE


I will give you two workarounds to that error, use them and see if they will help you:

1. The first workaround will be to check for any third party toolbar applications that you might have installed on your computer and then to remove them. You should also check if you can be able to organize the favorites with Internet Explorer that is freezing.

2. The second workaround will be to try running Internet Explorer using the "No Add-Ons" mode, and then check if it works fine that way. You should note that an error may happen in case an add-on has been damaged, or the add-on conflicts with Internet Explorer browser. You can verify that as follows:

  • First you will need to go to the Start Menu and then choose Programs and then Accessories followed by System Tools.
  • You will then click on the Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons), you Internet Explorer should be able to open without add-ons, toolbars, or any plug-ins.
  • You will then test Internet Explorer and make sure that it works correctly.

Clair Charles


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Tab Error when Running IE


Hi Charles, I have disabled the add-ons on IE.

And did some of the steps you gave.

It did solve my problem.

Thank you so much.

Techyv people are really good.

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