My HP W19 LCD Monitor has no signal error

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Hi experts,

I have a HP W19 LCD Monitor connected with my HP Slim line CPU. When I open my computer, I can hear the fan whirling inside the CPU and all the lights are glowing to show that it is perfectly running. But in my monitor, there is a no signal message and seems like there is no power coming from it. The screen is black, but it has no beeps or anything.

I checked on the cable connecting the CPU and the monitor, it is connected properly. I took out the cable then tried it on another computer, and it runs. I force closed my computer by pressing the power button of my APC AVR. Then open it again after a while.

This time I heard a short beep from my CPU. Then the whirling of the fan inside stops but there are still lights in front of my CPU. I heard the beep once  then it did not happen again even after pressing the avr to close my computer and open it again.

Is this because of a faulty monitor?

Do I need to replace it?  Does the short beep means something?

The whole computer is only 6 months old. From what I remember, when I used it the last time, it works without problems or errors.

What do I need to fix this?

Thanks for help.

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My HP W19 LCD Monitor has no signal error


hi good day,

I also encounter problem like that, as you said your LCD monitor is working from another computer. So no issue about your LCD monitor. The problem is your CPU maybe hardware fails and check all hardware inside your CPU, first VGA – as you said you heard a short beep in your CPU system that is one reason why it can't display to your LCD monitor. Try to replace new VGA to work properly your system. 

The short beep means " your VGA hardware failed", if you can do it in your self to replace new VGA, do it and install VGA driver to work properly your system. The reason why VGA hardware failed or damaged is high temperature , need a ventilation system of you CPU.


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My HP W19 LCD Monitor has no signal error



Hi good day in this kind of issue you can solve and I will give you the information how to fix your LCD monitor.

First thing to do.

  1. Check the wire connector from CPU to Monitor.
  2. Check your Video card and scratch the pin, by using staedtler Eraser or pencil eraser.
  3. Return the video card to the slot. And start your computer.

If this procedure will not work replace your video card, and change a new video card.



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My HP W19 LCD Monitor has no signal error


Hi there is another option to resolve this kind of problem, replace the power wire connector from the AVR to the monitor and change new wire connector.

Then check also the memory card and clean it by using the eraser.

If this issue will not resolve, that is the time you replace your monitor.

Thank you, hope its help

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My HP W19 LCD Monitor has no signal error


Help highly appreciated.

I am really glad techyv has people like all of you.

Thanks again.

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