My DVD player does not play surround sound

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I have a problem with my DVD player: it does not play videos with surround sound. As an effort to rectify this, I connected it to my Mac which contains surround sound in the Audio/MIDI setup.

I also tested it by using with a Firestudio and a Presonus FP10 sound card. The DVD player still failed to play surround sound. Is it correct to think that the DVD player has no support for surround sound?

If so, does the packaging for the DVD player come with the information? Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

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My DVD player does not play surround sound


There are few possibilities in this situation. First is that maybe your DVD player don't support the surround sound feature. Check for any label on the packaging saying "Dolby Digital Surround Sound" or anything like that.

If it is not written on packaging, check its manual. The second possibility, however, is related to the video which you are trying to play.

There might be chance that the specific video don't support surround sound and is only playable on mono audio setup. There is also a change that you have to enable the surround sound through your remote control of the DVD player by going into its settings. You didn't specify the model otherwise I might have helped you more.

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