My Desktop Computer Always Hang, why?

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When I start to use my computer, it always hang. My way to use my pc in is in the safe mode. What is the problem? Is it hardware or software side? I don’t know what to do?

Please help. Give me some assistance to solve my problem regarding this errors.




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My Desktop Computer Always Hang, why?


Hello Blackjan,

 Maybe your computer loads lots of application from the start of desktop? If yes then you need to remove some of them applications to fasten your loading screen from the desktop.

  • Go to start
  • Select Run
  • Type msconfig
  • A window dialog pops out
  • Go to the tab "Startup"
  • You can see multiple applications running there
  • Uncheck those unused applications that you might not need mostly
  • After click OK
  • Reboot to take effect

It might be your computer is holding a lower specs of PC and you have huge applications that might your computer working too slow. 

Main thing is i have found that if you are not running an outdated antivirus and your computer might be in danger with viruses.  Try to reformat if those above solutions not working for you. That's the best thing to do is to reformat and don't forget to install an update antivirus.



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My Desktop Computer Always Hang, why?


Hi Blackjan,

There are many reasons behind this cause, like lack of patches, installation of unwanted programs, spyware, malware etc, first of all you may have to check and uninstall all unwanted applications from you computer for this purpose:

Press start button, go to setting and then press control panel, from control panel select add/remove program icon, double click this icon a new window will appear which will show you the programs installed on your computer, please remove all unwanted programs and re-start your computer.

Any other process which you may follow to stop unwanted application without removing them from you computer is:

From start menu select Run command button and type msconfig, a new window will appear which will show many button/options please select startup, you will see many applications are running, please uncheck all unwanted applications and then window will prompt you for re-start your computer please re-start to take effect the changes.

I hope you will find a solution by following any of the above process.

With Regards

Deval Hicks

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