My computer won’t let me log in after rebooting.

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After using my computer this morning, i just decided to shut it down after a long time of not shutting the computer down. On coming back to power on the computer, i realized that my computer won't let me login to my account. What could be the problem and what can be the possible solution to this problem?

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My computer won’t let me log in after rebooting.

Logging in to a computer can be of severaL ways like; logging in over a network, on your computer itself, and other related services. But the most common problem is logging into the computer itself. When this happens, there are two main things you can do in order to fix the problem and i will mention them below;
– You can decide to log in as an administrator which means you have full rights to the system. With this, you can access the system fully and do what so ever that you want to.
– It might be a services that is blocking your log in. So if that is the case, you can boot the computer in safe mode by pressing F8 during booting depending on the operating system(in this case Window) to enter Directory service restore mode(DSR mode).
When this is done, you can restore your computer to an earlier state before the blocking of the login started. For example if your computer stop login in today, you can restore the computer to yesterday when it was still ok then reboot the computer and everything shall be ok.

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